Party Pics From The Sickest Concert, Ever

Photographed by Joe Schildhorn /
We were told that we'd be standing for the full hour of The xx's intimate concert at the Armory last night. You see, the performance is a standing-room-only, one-hour set played to a lucky group of 45 people who stand a mere two feet from the band. Still, that didn't stop us from dressing up for the Burberry-hosted event. And, we didn't regret gussying up for a concert that was more spellbinding than we ever could have imagined.
Let us explain: Burberry is sponsoring 10 nights of The xx's innovative show. Each set is an hour long and there are two sets per night. All the shows are sold out — in fact, there's a 6,000-person waiting list! As you'd expect, there are lasers, special effects, and a whole lot of emo crooning. We'd like to say more — like about the tunnel that delivers you to the small pit where The xx performs, or how the ceiling raises and lowers and the walls drop from the pod-like stage area only to reveal that you're standing in the Armory's largest room — but it's not easy to explain without pictures, which we were banned from taking. Bummer, we know.
Still, you can imagine the tight circle of well-clad concertgoers, like Harley Viera Newton, Karlie Kloss, and Chelsea Leyland, looked just as impeccable as the enchanting surroundings. And, of course, we got those pics in spades. Ahead, a slideshow of the best looks from last night's show. Hit play on "Crystalised" and click through.

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