That Time A Teenager Climbed To The Top Of 1 World Trade Center

rexusa_1810171ebPhoto: Paul Brown/REX USA.
While we were all sleeping early Sunday morning, a teenager from New Jersey managed to get to the top of the Freedom Tower. As in, he was at the spire. This is simultaneously terrifying and impressive.
NY Mag reports that Justin Casquejo allegedly crawled through a hole in the fence, took the elevator to the 88th floor (without any form of identification), then took the stairs to the 104th floor. From there, he was able to access the roof. Like any teen would, he took to social media to brag about the feat. And, as you may have guessed, the guard on duty has been fired.
Casquejo is quite the parkour enthusiast, which we imagine inspired this little adventure. He was charged with a misdemeanor for trespassing. And, subsequently, there's now a mini Twitter campaign —#FREEJUSTIN.
Obviously, this event has raised concerns about the security surrounding the new tower. After all, if a teenager was able to "infiltrate" the building with seemingly no resistance, what does that say about the overall integrity of the system itself?
However, if you're choosing to view this not as a potential risk, but the simple act of adolescent misconduct, we'd like to humbly suggest the new hashtag #SpiderTeen. (NY Mag)