Plus Size? Tell Stores Exactly How Much Money They’re Losing

request-cardPhoto: Courtesy of The Clothes Calling Card.
We've all been there: You're out shopping, so ready to pull the trigger on a new pair of black jeans or boots. Only, you can't find your size. Maybe you're petite, and you're tired of picking through hot-pink tees in the kids department. Or, you're plus size and sick of retailers who seem to think bodies stop existing after size 12. Now, thanks to a woman named Nicole Skews, you can tell stores exactly how much of your business they're missing.
Skews' project is called The Clothes Calling Card. When you hit that link, you can download one of the cards above to print and hand out to managers at stores where you would have dropped some cash. Or, you can download a modified card that says, "This store wouldn't take my money." Skews says these are meant to be left in the store, but what's to stop you from, say, handing them out to passersby in a delightful bit of direct action protest? You can also order preprinted cards for a small fee, with all proceeds going to Dress for Success, the organization that provides low-income folks with professional clothes.
Click over to xoJane for the story behind Skews' project, and download your cards at The Clothes Calling Card. With any luck, maybe there will soon be one less barrier to us spending our hard-earned cash on clothes. (xoJane)

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