Two Hipsters Move Into A Hamster Wheel

embedShelleyInOrbitInstall8Photo: Courtesy of Pierogi.
Brooklyn may have out-Brooklyned itself this week with a new performance-art piece, which involves two grown men living in a 25-foot hamster wheel. Ward Shelley and Alex Schweder are occupying the larger-than-life wheel for 10 days, sleeping, eating, and coexisting in the wood-and-metal structure. Positioned 180 degrees from one another, one false move could cause total disaster and send the human-hamsters catapulting from their wheel. They must move together in order to maintain the status quo.
The piece, titled "In Orbit," is part of a greater effort to express one sincere message: collaboration is essential to get through daily life. “It’s an exploration of trust between two people," Schweder explained to the New York Post. The wheel is only 60-cm wide and includes narrow beds, chemical toilets with privacy screens, a basic kitchen, chairs, and desks. At its essence, the 24-hour, 10-day performance explores trust and human relationships, while also offering quite the spectacle for art onlookers. The piece is on view at The Boiler in Williamsburg through Sunday, March 9. (New York Post)