Report: NYC Not Greatest City In World; Us: “Yeah, Right”

rexusa_1810171drPhoto: Paul Brown/REX USA.
We'll admit that living in New York has given us a bit of an ego. When we run into old acquaintances we get to say things like, "I'm based in Manhattan now." Yep, we get to boast that we live and work in the greatest city on Earth. Except, according to the eighth annual Wealth Report, New York is actually not the best city in the world. Turns out, London has us beat.
Knight Frank property consultants, the publisher behind the report, told the Daily Beast that London is actually a "much more international city" than New York. What does that even mean? “It is the capital city of Europe when it comes to finance, politics, advertising and media," Liam Bailey, the consultancy’s head of research, explained to The Daily Beast, "whereas New York shares some of those functions with other cities in America. Its dominance isn’t as clear cut.” Apparently, we still have the edge when it comes to the economic and political sectors, but London has more Ultra High Net Worth Individuals (anyone worth at least $30 million). How annoying is that? Oh, and there was some mention of London's "favorable" visa rules, expansive culture, and excellent private schools that help to make it the most desirable place for the world's richest people.
Though these are all sound arguments, we feel that the report is missing a vital piece of information: New York has better food — and Beyoncé. (Daily Beast)