Instagram Videos That Might Just Make You Smarter

Okay, so while you spent a good chunk of your morning filming your snoring dog, the fine folks at Delve have come up with a smarter use for Instagram videos. Running just 15 seconds long, each "video essay" tackles historical topics and trivia that just might blow your mind. If nothing else, it's a lot more engaging than seeing what your cousin ate for breakfast or watching grainy, wobbly footage from last night's concert.
At the moment, topics range from creativity to the origin of film to how Martin Van Buren got us saying "OK." Though short in length, the videos are just long enough to spark some interest and perhaps inspire a quick Google search for more details.
Click through for more must-watch video essays.
"I want Delve to be the beginning of a learning journey for people," creator Adam Westbrook tells Co.Design. "That's where the name comes from — it's a call for people to delve deeper into something. A measure for success for me isn't how many people watched a video, but did anyone feel so fascinated by a subject that they went on Amazon and bought a book about it? Or, even just spent 15 minutes on Wikipedia?"
Indeed, we've been scouring the Internet after every view. Goodness. Between this and our National Geographic feed, could we actually be getting an education from Instagram? What's next? Charles Darwin and Marie Curie emojis?
Until that glorious day arrives, start training your brain by following Delve. Learning something new in 15 seconds is a deal most of us won't pass up. The dog videos can wait. (Co.Design)

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