Why Zoë Kravitz Is The Anti-It Girl

Photo: Billy Farrell & David X Prutting.
If you ask us, there are two kinds of It Girls. There are the "slashies" — the model-slash-DJs of the world whose varied résumés belie a dilettante approach to art. And, then there's the Zoë Kravitz kind of It Girl. Despite a few slashes of her own, the actress-musician-model brings equal amounts of passion, drive, and commitment to everything she touches.
More importantly, despite some major parentage, Kravitz is determined to make an artistic name for herself wholly on her own terms. Her new band, LOLAWOLF, is already earning a reputation as New York's must-see live show. And, as an actress, Kravitz is becoming known for taking parts that push her to the edge, whether she's in a no-budget indie comedy or the summer blockbuster playing at the multiplex near you.
We've long considered Kravitz a style soul mate, too. With her edgy-pretty beauty and vintage-focused style, she's been a source of offbeat inspiration for years. So, needless to say, it was a major coup to finally sit down with Kravitz. We got her take on why she'd rather play secret shows at underground clubs in Brooklyn than book a major tour, how a theater-trained actress suddenly became a player in the world of big-budget blockbusters, and why she's totally cool with paying her dues. Oh, and she also revealed her number-one style inspiration, which is legitimately the most amazing thing we've ever heard. We knew we loved this girl...

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