The Haim Sisters Perfect The Art Of Sibling Style

rexusa_1925743hPhoto: Rex USA.
Sister style is a weird thing. When you were younger, maybe your parents would dress you in coordinating clothes. And, then they'd promptly snap a picture to torture you with remember the moment forever. As teens, you may have fought over items you "borrowed" from each other. And, then there was the peculiar phase when you just showed up to family reunions wearing the same thing. Accidentally, promise. But, when the trio Haim stepped out of a BBC London studio, the three served as the perfect example of how killer sister style can be, especially when done in harmony.
Este, Danielle, and Alana Haim each have quite a bit in common here. There's the leather, the emphasis on black, the retro shades, and, of course, a sense of laid-back cool. And, we enjoy how each sister's look is individually rad. For instance, one is a bit more prim, another more classic, and the third seemingly has a penchant for vintage tees. But — call it a soft spot for sisterly lover — we much prefer the trio's collective look over one specific ensemble. What's your take on this sartorial family affair?

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