MTV’s Facebook Matchmaker Arrives Just In Time For Valentine’s Day

matchmakerPhoto: Courtesy of MTV.
If spending the night with a bottle of cheap Syrah and your favorite Janet Jackson CD isn't your idea of a perfect Valentine's Day, we might be able to help you find a last-second date.
The fine folks over at MTV have unleashed a bizarre online matchmaker that scours your Facebook and selects your ideal partner for you. It does so by comparing your profile with those of your friends, using data-like location, check-ins, and mutual friends to determine the best possible match.
We call this bizarre, because it just matched us with our mom. Now, while our mom is extremely giving, supportive, and kind of well dressed, we won't be taking her out for dinner tonight. Still, MTV might be on to something. As Ross and Rachel once proved, you might already be best friends with the love of your life and not even know it yet. With that said, try the matchmaker, see who it selects, and if it works out, please invite us to your wedding. After all, we're the ones who made it happen. (MTV)

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