Did You Hear? Men Are Actually The Biggest Gossips

danhumphreyPhoto: Courtesy Warner Bros. Television.
And we didn't just hear this from a friend of a friend of a friend. Turns out men, and not women, are (relatively) impossible chatterboxes, tossing confidential information around with reckless abandon. As the Daily Mail reports, a recent British study (my, don't the British do a lot of studies?) of 2,000 men and women revealed that, on average, guys will hold on to a secret two hours and 47 minutes before blabbing it out to the public. That's 40 minutes less than ladies do.
In addition, the study discovered that more than one in 10 dudes couldn't keep their traps shut for 10 minutes after getting a juicy tidbit. Ten minutes! And here comes the most bizarre part: 92% of those dudes polled thought they were good at keeping secrets. Turns out men also top women in the unmitigated gall and complete lack of self awareness departments.
Does this mean that men are fundamentally less trustworthy than women? Should you not share your devastating secrets with your brother, boyfriend, or Best Dude Forever? No, it's cool. All this just means we've got to stop talking about gossip as a female phenomenon. The boys are just as bad as the girls — something Dan Humphrey could have told you a long time ago. (Daily Mail)

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