Find Out What Brooklynites Are Really Wearing

1Photo: Courtesy of Steven Alan.
The people of Brooklyn get stereotyped a lot. We mean literally all the time. Whether it's assuming that they're all beard-wearing hipsters or part of the stroller mafia, someone somewhere always has an opinion. Since a whole lot of R29ers call the lovely borough home, we wanted to get down to the bottom of these assumptions once and for all.
We were going to assemble a team of researchers and conduct our own field study, but the on-demand laundry service FlyCleaners did it for us. Its team analyzed over 10,000 pounds of Brooklyn's dirty laundry to find out how Brooklynites dress once and for all. As it turns out, several stereotypes are more than slightly untrue.
For starters, despite what bloggers might want you to think, plaid doesn't rule the streets — the most popular clothing pattern is, in fact, stripes. (Plaid came in a measly third.) And, white and gray clothes are far more popular than black. Finally, it seems that all those artists in skinny jeans people tweet about aren't as prolific as it seems — the dress shirt came in as the most popular clothing item. So, there you have it — residents of other boroughs, eat thy words.