We’re Crazy In Love With This V-Day Menu

GxQZkoynSAB_u88Z6D9NkaUHJUTjBh_gaJ88S0bL-IoPhoto: Picture Perfect/REX USA.
If a restaurant could be our soul mate, we think we may have just found ours. Or, at least that's how we're feeling about the genius behind the Valentine's Day menu at Brucie in Cobble Hill. The Brooklyn eatery will feature a Beyoncé-themed menu on February 14 — and it's epic.
Perhaps what's most exciting is that it's not just a single Bey-themed dish, but a three-course Queen B experience. Appetizers include Blue Ivy, Surfbort Surf Board, and 22 Days Vegan. Main course? How about some Jay-Ziti or I Am Pasta Fierce? There's also some Breastiny's Child. Do you see what we mean, here?
If that's not enough to convince you that this is the greatest menu in culinary history, consider this: The preamble to Brucie's special reads, "We woke up in the kitchen sayin' how the hell did this shit happen, oh baby." You don't even need a V-Date to enjoy this one. We recommend grabbing all the single ladies (all the single ladies!) and enjoying dinner at Brucie. (Brokelyn)