R29 Goes To The Super Bowl

Super Bowl XLVIII is officially upon us. Seriously, the event has all but taken over New York and New Jersey. So, when we had the chance to go to Super Bowl Media Day, we quite literally jumped on it. Finally, we had the opportunity to get some real face time with the most buzzed-about players in the N.F.L. And, naturally, we asked all the hard-hitting questions.
We just had to know: What is it like getting tackled? Do you get to pick the flavor of Gatorade at the games? And, in general, when it comes to tight, white pants, what's up with that? We joined journalists from all over the world, and we learned that no matter what country you call home, the Super Bowl is a big freakin' deal.
Ahead, all the answers you need from Peyton Manning, Wes Welker, Earl Thomas, and more. We present to you, the Super Bowl: an investigative report.
Edited by Christopher Michael Beer; Shot by Jack Pearce and by Kenny Wu.