Bear Attack In NYC! Run For The Hills!

What we’ve seen speaks for itself. The Flatiron District has apparently been taken over — conquered if you will — by a giant, rampaging, hungry bear.
It’s difficult to tell from this vantage point whether he will consume us or merely enslave us. One thing is for certain: There is no stopping him. The bear is here.
Actually, hold on. We've just received breaking news that the bear is actually a human being in a bear costume, in what is apparently a shoot for a Chobani ad premiering during the Super Bowl. As much as the photo above, and the Vine below, suggest mass death was imminent, there was no, we repeat no, unstoppable ursine invader knocking over hot-dog carts in search of honey and fresh blood.
It seems this reporter was possibly a little hasty earlier. Honestly, though, it was irresponsible of Chobani not to alert all news organizations beforehand.
As you were. We'll update you when New York's inevitable bear invasion actually occurs. (Gothamist)

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