Wang Criticized For Upcoming Brooklyn Show

01_AWang_NW-65Photographed by Nina Westervelt.
Just last week, we learned that Alexander Wang would be relocating his Fashion Week show to the Brooklyn Navy Yard. It was a bold move to deviate from the tents of Bryant Park Lincoln Center, and some thought Wang a pioneer for it. However, there are some fashion folk who are less than pleased with the designer's decision.
The plight of many a Manhattan resident is when an event merits a trip to the outer boroughs. It's the most notorious first-world problem. And, naturally, Wang's show is a big enough reason to make the trek. But, that doesn't mean attendees are happy about it. Fashion photographer Hunter Flynn Abrams told the New York Daily News there will be a full house, but perhaps we won't see so many smiles. "It's the biggest show in New York, so we're all going to be covering it — we're just going to be pissed." Ann Caruso, a fashion stylist and consultant, echoes Abrams' sentiments: "I don't even go over to Brooklyn to visit my good friend."
Our first inclination was to step to Wang's defense. "It's not going to be that bad, you guys. It's just Brooklyn, not Siberia." After all, a car trip will take about 20 minutes from Lincoln Center (sans traffic), and would be even quicker if you're already downtown. Though, it's worth noting that the taxi situation can be quite discouraging during Fashion Week. And, if you're opting for the subway, you're still looking at a 20+ minute walk to the venue. Of course, many an R29 editor makes this very commute each day to Tribeca, and we hear it's not as bad as it sounds. Plus, remember when the show was at Pier 59? That's easily a 15-minute walk to the subway, too — and the West Side Highway can also be a yellow-cab no-man's-land. Still, many editors will likely miss the shows immediately before and after Wang's BK session. But, it will be worth it, right?
Shall we just try our luck come February 8, or start a carpool sign-up sheet, now? (NY Daily News)

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