Surprise! "You Are SO Photogenic," & 9 Other Backhanded Compliments

Have you ever wondered if that friend who casually mentioned how "thin that dress makes you look" was really meant something else? Backhanded compliments are just insults disguised as praise, and they can be very difficult to decode.
For instance, if a boy you're dating says, "You're so normal compared to the last girl I dated," the folks over at MSN Glo insist that what he's really trying to say is that, well, you're kind of snooze. In fact, they've compiled a list of the ten most common, backhanded compliments — and the results may surprise you.
Remember that time your best friend told you that she's so jealous of your carefree attitude towards sex, your love for libations, and your ability to hopscotch from job to job? Well, apparently she was actually calling you...immature. Or, how about when your sister wished she wasn't such a slave to fashion and could dress with reckless abandon, just like you? That means she thinks you're a sloppy dresser.
Of course, these are all based on speculation. If someone tells you that your new haircut slims your face, maybe they mean that your haircut, indeed, slims your face. Just think about the origin of the compliment. If the compliment giver is someone who has a tendency towards jealousy or sarcasm, chances are that said compliment is just a veiled insult. But, if the person who says "you really look good in pictures" is normally very genuine, chances are you can take those kind words to heart. But, just to be safe, check out MSN Glo's full list of the ten most popular backhanded compliments, here. (Glo)

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