10 Tumblr Artists Worthy Of A Reblog

UPDATE: As of today (May 4, 2014), there are over 184 million Tumblrs floating around the blogosphere. Now, unless you're some Internet wizard with the power to tumble (pun intended) through blog upon blog upon blog, quickly determining the best ones out there, chances are a lifetime isn't enough to fully explore the vast database Tumblr has become.
That's where we come in. We, by no means, fall into the aforementioned Internet wizardry category, but we have spent more time than we care to admit endlessly scrolling through our dashboards. Early evenings have turned into late nights, which led to the panicked "well, the sun is rising; better sneak in that 20-minute power nap" mornings. Hey, it's all good and well. Chances are we've consumed more imagery than our minds can handle, but some part of us believes that the inspiration all gets subconsciously stored like cookies in a cache. (Wow, if that last simile isn't a surefire sign an Internet intervention is imminent, we don't know what is.)
Anyway, with all those Tumblrs out there, deciding — let along finding — the ultimate users to follow is a daunting task. Heck, there's a boatload more blogs we could include here. And, it's that very fact that makes the task of distilling down 184 million-plus blogs into 10 overwhelmingly daunting. So, with that said, feel free to point us in the direction of some awesomely curated, you've-got-to-see-this kind of Tumblrs. Our dashboards could always use a bit more of the pretty stuff, the gutsy things, and awe-inspiring. That's what the following 10 Tumblrs do. And, our likes tab has never been the same since we started following 'em.

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