7 Warm Pieces To Help You Survive Tonight's Snowy Commute

Hey, guys! Have you met our good friend Janus? We're sure you have. She's wild, unpredictable, and totally distracting. Yep, Janus is the dear, dear storm who's turning New York City into an unrecognizable Arctic landscape.
We have a sort of love/hate relationship with J. You see, on one hand, we're hoping for a #polarvortex #snowday tomorrow. But, on the other, there's the issue of our commute — we're having trouble even thinking about getting home tonight. Rather than sleep at our desks, however, we scoured the web for seven stay-warm pieces that might help in the long, cold trek home. With everything from texting gloves to chic ski boots, this quick-hit list will keep you cozy and dry, even with Janus plaguing the city.

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