Even Obama Knows The Kids Aren’t On Facebook

obama-bigPhoto: Via @WhiteHouse.
Okay, we're going to give you a moment to drink in that crazy ridiculous photo above. Done? Good.
According to a personal account of a recent public appearance by President Obama, even he, the 52-year-old father of two with the most time-consuming job in the world, knows that all those Millennials out there aren't using Facebook as much. Atlantic reporter Robinson Meyer was hanging out at a local, yet-to-be-identified coffee shop when the President's advanced team politely hijacked it for an impromptu summit between the leader of the free world and that hard-to-reach 10-to-30 demographic.
Meyer took the opportunity to eavesdrop on the conversation, and overheard a few pearls. For one, the First Lady likes Scandal, but the Commander in Chief feels, “It’s not that exciting.” Obama also discussed Instagram and Snapchat, but cannily noted that, “It seems like [millennials] don’t use Facebook anymore.” Damn, POTUS, that's harsh.
Harsh, but also correct, perhaps because teens look at Facebook (which turns 10 this year) as the preferred social-networking service of, well, 52-year-old fathers of two. It's notable that this president, perhaps the busiest and most besieged since Nixon, still has time to know what's up with the kids. It's also worth pointing out, though, that Obama has about 38,390,448 Likes on his Facebook page, so he's unlikely to split for Snapchat entirely any time soon. Still, somewhere out there, Mark Zuckerberg is grinding his teeth. (The Atlantic)

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