Jennifer Lawrence's Lost Cell Phone, One Man's Gripping, Possibly True Tale

rexusa_1823880hPhoto: Everett Collection/REX USA.
If you live in New York City, there's a decent chance you've either left your cell phone in a cab and had a kind stranger return it, or found a cell phone in a cab and hooked that wayward device up with its unknown owner. Us New Yorkers are good like that.
Today on Thought Catalog, we read the slightly epic tale of one Alex J. Mann, the writer and, yes, New Yorker who found an iPhone belonging to your trivia-night buddy, Jennifer Lawrence, in a taxi.
Obviously, you're flush with questions right now. What's J Lawr's home screen? A photo of a basset hound. What's her pass code? 1-9-9-9...just like the Prince song. Were there nude selfies on it? Did Mann get it back to Lawrence? Was she playing Wii at the time? Is this even a real thing that actually happened or underplayed fictitious satire without a punch line?
Well, we'd hate to spoil the whole thing, so just head over to Thought Catalog and take it all in for yourself. Trust us, it's both lovely and pedestrian (that is, if it's true), unlike the story of how some other starlets misplace their tech. (Thought Catalog)

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