10 Apps That Make The Basic Horoscope Look, Well, Basic

Call us romantics, but we believe in the stars. Sure, we sometimes doubt what they have in store, but our superstition tends to goad us, and we spend an inordinate amount of time devouring our monthly horoscope, planner in hand, marking the most romantic dates (that's enough about that).
There is, however, more to forecasting than the good 'ole 12 signs of the zodiac. There's the Chinese zodiac, Druidism, and the king of superstition: tarot. Thanks to apps, discovering alternative horoscope options is one (well, in this case, ten) clicks away. Sometimes, your go-to astrologer will foresee bad vibes in the future and Mercury retrograde will take you by the hair and snatch all that's good and healthy from you. That's when you explore other options and hope the cards fare in your favor. Fingers crossed these following apps do the trick, or, at the very least, leave you more — oh, what's the word — enlightened.

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