Julia Roberts' Tailored Top: Dope Or Distracting?

rexusa_1894189lb-RecoveredPhoto: Stewart Cook/REX USA.
Julia Roberts is such a major part of Hollywood royalty, we can practically track her career in sensational red-carpet dresses — and suits (to her first Golden Globes appearance). Pretty awesome, right? But, her arrival at last night's awards did leave us a bit conflicted. Her Dolce & Gabbana dress was a seriously flattering mermaid shape with a simple, sparkling belt. But, the statement-maker of the ensemble was definitely the crisp, white, tailored shirt that peeked from the top of an otherwise strapless gown.
Being fans of fancy layering, menswear-inspired looks, and risk-taking red-carpet gear alike, our first instinct was that Roberts had knocked this one out of the park. After all, she completely stood out from the sea of glittering, cascading trains. But, even though her outfit differed from the rest, does that really mean that the layered, white-collar-meets-black-tie look worked? And, is it a realistic tip for us to try in real life? Perhaps not. While it may have been a safer choice to wear the dress as is, we wonder if less was more in this case. Let us know below if you can pick a side.

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