Watch This Muppet School NYC Tourists

Puppets are traditionally an instrument of children's programming, but they can be a key resource for adults, too. Why? Because puppets can blatantly discuss delicate subjects and grown-ups don't get (as) offended. Take, for example, Johnny T. This Italian Stallion puppet is taking on NYC tourists, but not by doling out generic advice. Rather, Johnny T. gets right to the point, explaining to tourists the key problem with their presence: "You're a jerk." It's not the tourist's fault. As our felt-y friend notes, when he visits other cities, he is the jerk. It's simply the nature of being a tourist that you will be inconvenient and super kind of annoying.
Johnny T. advises that the best way to avoid being a jerk is to stay in your hotels from 4 to 6 p.m., when everyone's trying to get home from work. And, in general, just get out of the way. Other quality advice: visit the other boroughs, avoid unmarked cars at the airport, and move fast. Oh, and Johnny T. offers a word of warning that there is no original Ray's Pizza — so don't get caught up in the hype. (Next Stop Magazine)

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