How To Shop Like A Buyer: 4 Pros Tell All

Fashion buyers are known for having the most killer wardrobes in the biz, which makes sense if you think about it. When you sit front row at fashion shows, handle hundreds of garments per day, and literally shop for a living (dream job alert), you learn a thing or two about how to ID a holy-grail item that your wardrobe needs — and that flash-in-the-pan piece that will soon become a closet-only case.
To help you learn the difference, we talked to our four favorite fashion buyers to get their tips on shopping like a pro. Learn how to spot quality from across the room, what not to buy, and, most importantly, how to tell when something is hanger-cute, but heinous on an actual human body. Read on for some major trade secrets, and we guarantee your closet gold-to-dud ratio will improve dramatically.