The IKEA Zodiac, Astrologically-Enabled Furniture Shopping

ikea-zodiac-bigPhoto: Courtesy IKEA.
Now, you might have been purchasing all your furniture and housewares using price, quality, and style criteria. Apparently, you've been doing it wrong. You should have been using your birth sign to select credenzas.
IKEA Singapore has just launched a nifty Facebook app that suggests furniture and other home goods based on the 12-year cycle of the Chinese zodiac. Just pump in your birthday et voilà, you're served up a breakdown of your personality along with a bevy of affordable, unassembled Scandinavian design picks. Interestingly, the suggestions are more about what you need to find harmony rather than, say, what you need to impress guests. And no, they don't have a version using the Greek zodiac, so all you Libras may still have some questions about which night table is right for you.
Now, it's very easy to dismiss all this as socially gamified bunkum — very easy. But then again, the IKEA zodiac suggested that this writer — who doesn't even believe in astrology — should purchase a storage system which he already owns. Spooky. (PSFK)

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