Dudes, 83% Of Women Say You’re Wearing Too Much Body Spray

bodyspray-big2Photo: Courtesy Axe.
Are you surprised? We're not surprised. No one should be surprised.
In the latest salvo in the ongoing Body Spray Wars, a survey found that 83% of young women — ironically the exact demographic body-spray manufacturers claim to turn into raging sex beasts — think "overspraying" (the technical term for applying so much Axe that local plants wither and die) is a serious problem. To add even more irony to the irony pudding, this study was commissioned by Old Spice, a major player in the body-spray category (it seems this study is meant to separate it from the Axes and Bods of the world).
Now, lest you think that this is a question of more matured, refined palates objecting to the overuse of body spray, the survey polled women 13 to 25, so we're not dealing with your grandmother here. As well, 75% of men in the same age group also felt overspraying was a serious issue. Obviously, we have to find this remaining 25% of men and 17% of women and relocate them to a remote island where they can all be happy together.
So, to review, not only is body spray a recognized health threat and marketed specifically to the growing 15 to 35 sociopathic male category, we now have scientific proof that there's just too darn much of it in the world. Yay, science. (The Cut)

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