Guess How Much This Chanel “DIY” Backpack Costs?

chanelPhoto: via @mysterious_mary.
Enough is enough. The "pretty vacant," punk-themed "Chaos To Couture" Met exhibit was notably shallow, but at least it celebrated some genuine pioneers (re: Vivienne Westwood) among the pretenders. Hedi Slimane has turned (Yves) Saint Laurent into an expensive exercise in recreating prime '90s slacker-wear. And, high-end DIY has made its mark everywhere, from Tumblr to New York Fashion Week. But, do we really need a $3,400 backpack that looks like it was assaulted art directed by a disgruntled Pratt freshman with a Krylon can? Apparently, Karl Lagerfeld thinks so. He's taken that premise, slapped the Chanel logo on it, and, of course, it's already made the pages of Vogue.
It's no secret that Lagerfeld loves to pair punk aesthetics with real luxury, and when the mix is right, it can yield very cool results. But, this just feels like accidental satire. Or maybe, like the recently released Helvetica fragrance, it's actual satire? One thing is certain: The joke is on anyone who pays nearly four grand for this. For a fraction of that, you could set up your own studio, buy all the paint you'll ever need (and lanyard, if you must), a sweet Eastpak, and get busy on your own design. Here's some inspiration to get you started. There's a decent to strong chance that whatever you come up with will be far more creative than this. (The Gloss)

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