Wait, Already? The Wallet Chain Makes A Comeback

We feared its return. We prayed it wouldn't come. We ignored the harbingers of its arrival as its '90s brothers and sisters — relaxed-fit jeans, baseball caps, baggy plaids — made their way back into our lives. But, there's nothing we can do about it anymore. It's here. The wallet chain is back.
Our friend Shani at Keep.com sent over this link to a Versace version early today. Featuring a long, gold-tone bike chain and two lobster-claw clips, the contraption can be attached at one end onto your belt loops and the other onto your duct-tape-covered, Velcro wallet. The chain already boasts a Versace Medusa head and placard, but we think there's room for a Tweety Bird fob that holds the keys to your Huffy. Want one? It'll only set you back $850, which is, like, at least nine pairs of JNCOs.
Versace Swarovski Gold-Tone Belt Chain, $850, available at Net-A-Porter.

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