Parcel Means Online Shopping May Never Be The Same

apple-imac2011_q2-270-main-lgPhoto: Courtesy of Parcel.
At some point over the past 10 years, we became habitual online shoppers. Sometimes we don't even remember what we purchased until we come home to a slip from UPS saying it stopped by with presents. And, that's where the battle begins. We're definitely not gonna be home during the day to receive our delivery, and shipping personal items to the office can get complicated. Suddenly, what was supposed to be convenient online purchase becomes an offline hassle, as you hoof to the nearest pickup location (which is never easy to get to). For New Yorkers, however, that's all about to change.
Parcel is a new delivery service that will receive your packages during the day, and deliver it to your door that very night. Once your package arrives at one of Parcel's Manhattan locations, you'll get a text confirming it's ready for delivery. Then, pick a one-hour time slot between 7 p.m. and 11 p.m. that evening. Parcel will bring your goods right to your door. Yes, even if you live in a fifth-floor walkup.
The best part is that Parcel is free until January 15. After that, it's just $5. There's no membership or subscription fee — just $5 per delivery. Parcel is available only in Manhattan at the moment. And, before you start ordering a new couch, remember that your package must be smaller than 22-by-22-by-15 (inches, that is) and lighter than 20 pounds. But, if you live outside NYC, you can add your 'hood to Parcel's waiting list, and they'll notify you as soon as the service is available near you. In other words, shop away, dear reader, shop away.