Beyoncé & Jay Z’s $6,000 Sex-Toy Shopping Spree: The Gilded Goods

Though Christmas shenanigans should have ended last week, Beyoncé and Jay Z have kept the spirit pumpin' days later. The couple reportedly dropped a casual $6,000 at New York City's Babeland, the ultra-luxe sex-toy shop. Xmas became XXXmas, and that's all 'n' well, but why does one need to go $6K deep into vibrators, butt plugs, and other pleasure-time goodies? More importantly, what on Earth could they've, uh, stuffed into their bags (certainly nothing Blue Ivy-approved)?
A source told Radar that the couple didn't go over-the-top (hold your sarcastic laughter, please) with their purchases, saying, “They didn’t buy anything tacky or too extreme." They did, however, bag some gold-plated items.
Now, we're no stranger to sex toys around here, but gold plated? Man, that is taking bedroom antics and knocking them up to a whole new level. Though the source didn't elaborate on what was purchased (they probably signed their soul away much like all the civilians in Bey's new music videos did), we did some digging to see just what the power couple might've scooped up on their post-holiday shopping spree. (Radar)
Photo: REX USA/Everett Collection.