JWOWW Is Pregnant, And We Are Thrilled

Jersey Shore has been, shall we say, a mixed bag in terms of its contribution to the world. And, yet, we've always had a soft spot for JWOWW. Don't ask us to explain. We're not sure if we could. Because of that soft spot, and also because we generally enjoy the prospect of babies, we are thrilled at the latest news from J-land. JWOWW, your beloved guidette, is pregnant!
She made the announcement on her website yesterday by way of what appears to be a scan of her actual Christmas card. The baby is due in July of 2014. The card even included an ultrasound of the teeny, tiny peanut! Heartiest congratulations to the happy couple. However, we do have to wonder: Do we have to start calling her Jenni now? And, what will the child call her? MA-WOWW? That has a nice ring to it.
thingImage: Via JenniFarley.com.