Why DIY When You Can Spend $450 On A Clutch Made Of Tinsel?

For years, designers have been dealing with hordes of skilled DIYers who have figured out ways to avoid paying hundreds of dollars for clever designs and instead created a homemade version. But, watch out, crafters — designers are going after your game now. Available exclusively on Net-A-Porter, handbag line Kotur's latest carryall is a $450 clutch covered in gold tinsel and jingle bells that only looks DIY.
Pulled straight from leftover tree trimmings, the Kotur bag comes with an optional strap so you can wear it across your body, lest you ever find yourself getting tired of holding on to a ball of gold, foil fringe. Not so into this prepackaged craft and want to be a little more hands-on with your luxury clutches? For just $40 more, you could also buy a make-your-own Kotur bag complete with plastic gemstones and glitter glue. You already get commitment anxiety when working the hot-glue gun.
Click ahead to see the DIY fake-out in all its gold glory.

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