Rick Owens’ Wife Has A Truly Unique Style Relationship With Her Daughter

With kohl-rimmed eyes (and forehead), gold-dipped teeth, and henna-stained fingers, Michèle Lamy is one of the truest iconoclasts working in fashion. As Rick Owens' wife, muse, and business partner, she could just as easily be considered a spirit or an enigma. But, Lamy is also a mom to artist Scarlett Rouge, and it shouldn't be surprising that her parenting style is just as offbeat as her fashion sense.
In this video produced by StyleLikeU, Lamy and Rouge open up about their mother-daughter relationship and their individual styles. Says the site's Lily Mandelbaum, "My mom, always a huge Rick Owens fan, has been very influenced by being around Michele and her very singular, almost uniform-like style, and it has inspired her to fully go back to her earthy, romantic, rock-n-roll, Rick Owens-filled roots. We are both also inspired by how much the two of them follow their instincts and stay true to themselves in their art."
Check out the video for their truly unique mother-daughter story and to hear about how Lamy received two police citations within the first week of moving to L.A., the story behind her gold-and-diamond teeth, why Snoop Dogg is her ultimate style icon, and to catch a glimpse of her drinking Starbucks. (Unsurprisingly, it's a not a skinny chai-tea latte — it's a plain black tea!) (StyleLikeU)

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