THIS Is The Most Sought-After Selfie Locale In The World

1Photo: Courtesy of David Zwirner Gallery.
In this day and age, #selfies are an important undertaking. In fact, some people go into them with a life-or-death attitude. Things like lighting and angle are to be considered, of course, but the highest stakes go to the setting. Taking a selfie in a totally awesome locale? This shows you're taking the world by storm.
And, it seems like each selfie needs to be bigger and more fabulous than the last. #Selfie at the Eiffel Tower. #Selfie at the Great Wall. #Selfie on an African safari while high-fiving a Big Cat. So, we're not too surprised to hear that people are lining up for hours — literally hours — at the David Zwirner Gallery in Chelsea.
The gallery is playing host to artist Yayoi Kusama's installation, I Who Have Arrived In Heaven, which just happens to be a holiday-appropos place to snap a pic of yourself. Each guest is given exactly 45 seconds for which to take said picture amongst the lights and glitter (and approximately zero seconds to enjoy said installation). But, really, anyone who lines up for six hours is coming for the "likes," which will undoubtedly drift upon an Instagram feed like a flurry of snowflakes. (Town & Country)