Only Kristen Stewart Would Wear This Chanel Outfit To Announce Her New Gig

Chanel distributed a seven-sentence press release this morning that we suspect will cause more than a few coffee spit-takes. Reads the release, "Karl Lagerfeld has chosen Kristen Stewart to be the face of the upcoming campaign of the 20131/4 Metiers d'Art Paris-Dallas collection. The collection was unveiled during a show held at Fair Park, Dallas on December 10th, in the presence of the young American actress."
The presentation it's referencing was the huge barnyard bonanza that took over your Instagram feed last night (and before you scoff at Dallas, remember that it's one of the hubs for the fashion industry in terms of retail and pure sales, and Dallas-based Neiman Marcus was the first to embrace Coco Chanel's comeback in 1954). Along with Stewart, a bevy of other "Karl-chosen" It Girls attended the rodeo-themed runway show, including Dakota Fanning, Lily Collins, Zoe Kravitz, Alexa Chung, and Leigh Lezark, as well as a sea of local Southern socialites.
To get an idea of what Stewart will be styled in, you could just look at the runway. Lagerfeld told The Dallas Morning News that the clothes were designed with Houston socialite Lynn Wyatt in mind. And, as expected from Lagerfeld, the clothes are pure camp — Wild West imagery was obvious theme, which produced such silly things as Chanel No. 5 holsters, peacock-feather headdresses, tweed blanket ponchos, and fringed sweaters (which felt a little too similar to Isabel Marant's for comfort). But, the "Americanization" of Chanel resulted in some pretty stellar silhouettes. Of note, we loved the boxier tweed skirt suits, the cap-toed cowboy boots, and romantic, flowing dresses that were part rococo, part prairie. What also gave us mixed feelings was the outfit Stewart decided to wear to the show. Click through for the head-to-toe breakdown.
455021685600x900Photo: Cooper Neill/Getty.
This, folks, is what someone who has total access to the entire Chanel inventory and archives decided to wear. In a high-waisted, melon-colored pair of leather trousers that she wore with a charcoal-gray sweater tied around her waist and a boat-neck crop top, Stewart looked every bit the anti-Chanel girl, which is kind of brilliant, when you think about it. Either Karl Lagerfeld is a mind-manipulating mad genius or just totally out of touch — or, more likely, just a profound combination of the two.
The campaign will be shot by Lagerfeld (obviously) and released in May 2014.

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