Unsurprisingly, Busy Philipps Will Never Let James Franco Babysit

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Busy Philipps is a woman who knows how to have a good time. Whether she's holding the attention of a million-strong TV audience or simply bringing on the fun at a party full of cool kids, it's hard to look away. Which is why we couldn't help but be intrigued when we heard she would be singing "messy Christmas carols for Clorox" around our fair city of Manhattan. Christmas carols are great and all, but when they're messy and Busy? Yeah, sign us up.
We got cozy and cuddly with the '90s darling, and we have to say, she's definitely high up there on our list of great people to escape your family and hang out with over the holidays. What songs did you guys sing for caroling?
“Well, the carolers are doing a not-so-traditional take on traditional carols. They’re incorporating the Bleach It Away message into classics like ‘Jingle Bells’ becomes ‘Jingle Smells.’ They’re having a lot of fun with it; it’s sweet, really cute.”
The whole campaign is all about keeping the holidays clean. Do you have any entertaining tips for the holiday season?
“I exclusively entertain. That’s, like, basically all I do. We hosted a big Thanksgiving for some friends where we had three kids at the table. I don’t believe in a kid’s table — perhaps that’ll change in time. I was threatening them this time around that if they don’t shape up, I’ll make one. You know what, though? Being around kids is so enjoyable to me, so I like to incorporate them into the celebration. The holidays are all about kids — especially Christmas and Hanukkah. Anyway, I think a meat and cheese plate is never to be underestimated. First of all, everyone loves it. It’s not labor intensive for the hostess, and gives your guests something to snack on. If there are kids, I like to keep their little hands busy by creating some crafts for them to do. I recommend having a movie ready to go, too, for post-dinner downtime. We had Elf ready for Thanksgiving, which gave the kids something to do while the adults did their thing. One of the reasons I was so happy to partner with Clorox and its "Bleach It Away" campaign is because it’s something you have to have on-hand for entertaining. Red wine is an inevitable spill.”
What’re some of your New Year's traditions?
“We always have something different. We write down New Year’s wishes as a family rather than resolutions. One time we threw them into a fire — why? I don’t know. We usually go on vacation. This year we will be going back to San Miguel de Allende.”
So, it’s more of a family holiday than anything.
“Totally! This will be the first year we’ll celebrate with Birdie. This might be the year that we wake her up early since she’s five. But, we might wait one more year. Normally, she’s sleeping and we have our midnight without her. San Miguel is really magical on New Year’s: everyone gathers in the square in front of the big cathedral. There’s fireworks over the city, they ring the bells, and everyone has sparklers.”
What was your favorite New Years of all time?
“Honestly, the first time we were in San Miguel. It was incredible. We did, however, throw some really awesome parties a couple years in a row. We’d have crazy extravaganzas with fake snow; one year we projected March of The Penguins and made things freezing and fun in L.A. Another year we projected Raise The Red Lantern, that cult film, and had red lanterns everywhere.”
What are your suggestions for entertaining with your significant other?
“I think it’s a dangerous thought to expect anything like an engagement ring over the holidays. It really bums me out, because the holidays are so special and should be kept its own thing — don’t put too much pressure on yourself in that regard! You can get engaged any day of the year. It’s like you don’t have get a puppy just on Christmas, either. In fact, it’s probably better leaving those kinds of gifts until after the holidays. It is tricky, though, if you’re newly dating someone. For me, we didn’t have plans, which is why we started the party thing to see who’s in town. The next thing we knew, we had a tradition.”
New Years always seems to be more couple-friendly than Christmas.
“Yes! One of the first gifts Marc got me — this made me think that I was going to marry him — was a Commes des Garçons wallet that I still use. They say you should never buy a wallet for someone since it’s such a personal thing, but it’s my favorite thing. He broke a rule and it worked.”
How do you feel about a Dawson’s Creek reunion?
“There’s never going to be one. It’s not going to happen.”
What about Freaks and Geeks?
“Well, we did that thing Judd (Apatow) put together for Vanity Fair, which is probably the closest thing we’ll get. It was such a great day, and so much fun. Mark Seliger took some awesome photos of us — so special. My friend told me that if you’re ever lucky enough to work with iconic photographers, make sure your children stop by during the shoot. Chances are, if you ask really nicely, the photographer will take a portrait of you and your kids. I felt so lucky that Mark agreed to take a picture of me and Birdie with Linda Cardellini and her daughter. To be in touch with all those guys, to be friends with them fifteen years later is something. We’re grown-ups now! It’s pretty awesome.”
That cast is probably awesome with kids, too.
“Well, I don’t know if I’d let James Franco babysit my daughter. She’d come back as some art project. I’m kidding. I love him.”
Do you have any beauty tips for the holidays?
“Yes! The Epicuren Tea Tree lip balm saves my lips. I love this exfoliator that Dr. Lancer makes called Polish — it feels like a microdermabrasion in your shower. I just love it. In terms of moisturizer, I use Epicuren’s Hydro Plus.”

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