Need A Job? Be A Subway Matchmaker

Subway_MatchmakerIllustrated by Ly Ngo.
Believe it or not, a casual subway ride has been the catalyst for many a love affair. It's true. Every day, men and women check each other out from across a crowded car. Except, not everyone has the courage to say hello, or the suave motor skills to silently hand over a business card while looking sexy (not creepy). Thankfully, Erika Christensen, or the Love Conductor, created Train Spottings. And, she's made it her mission to help make missed connections a thing of the past. Now, she's looking to expand her team of subway matchmakers.
"Subway cupids" hand out a personalized Train Spottings card to subway singles. You get $1 per card, regardless of what happens. If one of your cardholders ends up using Christensen's services, you'll receive $50 to $200, with potential to earn up to 15% of a paying client's fees. It's perhaps the easiest way to earn some extra cash on your way to and from work.
So, what makes a good cupid? The Craigslist posting asks for someone who's magnetic, brave, and disciplined. Of course, you should probably be a "love nerd," too. (Brokelyn)