Truffle Oil For Your Face Is Our New Favorite Thing

truffle-oil-face-serumPhoto: Courtesy of Skin & Co Roma.
I've always had a borderline-obsessive love of all things truffle. In my humble opinion, there is no food that cannot be improved upon by adding a little bit of truffle — pizza, fries, grilled-cheese sandwiches. But, while I've drizzled truffle oil over pretty much every food known to man, one thing I've never considered infusing it into is my skin-care routine. After checking out new brand Skin & Co Roma, I'm suddenly intrigued by the possibilities.
Skin & Co Roma is owned by the Balestra family, who are also behind Sabatino Tartufi truffle-trading company — otherwise known as Oprah's favorite truffles. The Queen of All Media has bestowed the Sabatino truffles — grown on the family land in Italy's Umbrian mountain region — a spot on her coveted "Favorite Things" list multiple times, singling out its Truffle Sea Salt and Truffle Popcorn Home Kit.
While the brand has seen plenty of success in the culinary world, it was Gabriel Balestra, the grandson of original founders, Sabatino and Giuseppina, that hatched the idea of turning truffle oil into skin-care gold.
To be fair, Balestra's grandmother is owed most of the credit: While going through some of her old things, Balestra came across a recipe for one of Giuseppina's homemade botanical oil blends. She sold these formulations in the family's store, and word traveled amongst the glitterati of the time, who would travel to the store to pick up her skin potions whilst filming in Rome.
Balestra took these recipes and concocted a skin-care line based around the family's famous truffles. According to the brand, truffles help stimulate the production of the enzyme superoxide dismustase, which is said to help stimulate cell regeneration, destroy free radicals, and make skin look younger, smoother, and plumper.
To answer your first question, no the products do not smell like truffles. They have a delicious creamy aroma that's pleasing, but not overwhelming. The serum immediately made my skin look perkier and feel softer, but it was the Truffle Body Milk that has won my undying devotion. The smell is out of this world — I applied some to my hands and then spent the rest of the day creepily sniffing them and sighing in pleasure. Pretty sure most of my deskmates now think I might be a secret serial killer (hi guys!). The Body Milk also made my skin feel softer than any lotion I've ever tried, which is saying something. I kept applying it to other parts of my body just so I could see the transformation from scales to silky smooth, again and again.
Now, I know this probably seems like a gimmick — like diamond dust, pearl powders, gold flakes, and all those other fancy skin-care infusions you've seen over the years — but I swear this line is different. I went into it skeptical, but after using the products on my skin and seeing how instantaneously amazing it felt, I know this isn't a marketing ploy — this stuff is the real deal. The one downside: I might have to check myself into Truffle Lovers Anonymous now.
Skin & Co Roma Truffle Therapy Serum, $75, available at Skin & Co Roma.

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