Nicole Richie's Go-To Silhouette Shows Off Her Sartorial Muscle

Long silhouettes and petite ladies may not always get along. And, it can certainly be a challenge to toe the line between super-lengthy pieces and looks that just totally take over. Nicole Richie, however, has managed to master one such difficult trend: the long-sleeved dress. In fact, the designer completely dominates this silhouette on the red carpet.
While a wrist-grazing sleeve seems a bit seasonal, Richie has proved that there are many ways to enjoy the lengthy trend during any time of the year. Be it in short, sparkly numbers or maxi-length Met Gala material, she's not afraid to show a strong arm. Ahead, check out a few of the examples that make the always-charming Richie a true champion of the long-sleeved dress.

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