The Anti-Black Friday Video That Might Change The Way You Feel About Clothes

This coming Friday is kind of it for retailers and consumers alike. With fantasy-land discounts and promotions you've only dreamed about, the only thing that could stop you from hitting the stores after Thanksgiving is a fear of pointy elbows. However, one brand wants to rethink Black Friday — but not in the way you'd imagine.
Outdoor-apparel brand Patagonia is opening its doors on Black Friday to offer repairs on old clothing. With a video titled Worn Wear featuring its customers with their beat-up, adventure-worn clothing, Patagonia's approach to Black Friday is definitely different from the buy-buy-buy, new-new-new that typically defines the day.
Says Patagonia, "This Black Friday, when deals and discounts entice people to buy more than they need, Patagonia would like to send an alternative message to its friends, family, and customers, one that explores the quality of the things we own and the lives we live." Fifteen Patagonia stores will be participating in this Black Friday promotion to offer repair help (on apparel and gear) with Worn Wear screenings, food, beer, and music. Check out the trailer above. And, visit the Patagonia site for more "vintage" images of worn gear.
For the full list of participating retailers as well as the whole 30-minute-long Worn Wear video, click through to the next page.

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