EBay Just Won Holiday Shopping With One-Hour Free Delivery

Ebay_PaginatedIllustrated by Ly Ngo.
When it comes to spreading holiday cheer, eBay really seems to know the way to our hearts (and the way around our procrastination). If you're not so good at managing delivery dates and also live in New York, Chicago, or San Francisco, the online retail giant just announced it will roll out one-hour delivery to customers living in those cities — for free. Procrastinators of the world (or at least those in the three aforementioned metropolitan regions) rejoice!
In the month leading up to the big holidays, eBay will use messengers to shop your favorite stores and deliver goods to your home or office as quickly as possible. To put it simply: Not only do you get to forgo the chaotic lines and arctic weather, but you can also nip the wait time for online goods in the bud.
This comes as an improvement to the existing eBay Now feature, which has an accompanying mobile app that allows you to track the progress of your delivery. By next year, eBay hopes to bring this service to 25 additional markets to totally take over the shipping industry. This, weary shoppers, is instant gratification at its finest. (Racked)

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