Miley Cyrus Got Her Brows Back For Her 21st B-Day

Oh, that Miley Cyrus. Always keeping us guessing, that girl. Just days after bleaching her brows — and inspiring us to follow suit — the provocative pop star has flipped the script and gone back to black (arches). Or did someone buy her a brow pencil for her 21st birthday today? And can we get one too?
An Instagram photo posted Friday night shows off the singer's dramatically dark eyebrows, which, with her platinum pixie, make her look a bit like Madonna circa "Papa Don't Preach." (Don't get any ideas, Billy Ray.)
Far be it from us to scold a newly minted 21-year-old for experimenting with her beauty style. Look, it's Miley's party, and she'll dye if she wants to, mmm-kay?

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