A V-Neck Sweater At A VERY Fancy Event? Why Not?

rexusa_1820573vPhoto: MediaPunch Inc/REX USA.
We wouldn't typically consider a black, V-neck sweater to be exciting. Egalitarian, chic, timeless — sure. But, it's kind of hard to rock the sartorial boat when you resemble like every boy we had a crush on in 1994. So, leave it to Ashley Olsen to pull the look off.
For last night's CFDA and Vogue 2013 Fashion Fund Finalists Celebration, Olsen bucked the pretty-gown standard with an outfit that was party on the bottom and Party of 5 up top. Above the waist, the fashion mogul did the classic '90s-boyfriend thing with a slouchy, black, V-neck sweater layered over a white T-shirt (if you squint, that center-part hair's got a definite Dawson Leery vibe, too). Down below? A floor-length, black-silk gown from The Row with five trim, neat slashes that look like Olsen was palmed by a giant perfectionist bobcat. Subtle drop earrings, a few bling-y rings, and a diminutive croc frame bag completed her look.
The lesson learned? The next time you feel pressured to change out of your big sweaters before meeting friends for drinks or heading to the movies, know that Ashley Olsen has given you implicit permission to do it — she showed up to a Vogue event in one. Let the sweater-ing commence!

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