Say, What! Barnard Limits Sleepovers

As an all-women's college, Barnard is known for being both a forward-thinking and distinctly feminist institution — and that's a draw for many of its nearly 2,400 students. However, a new sleepover rule has just gone into effect that is not only off-putting to many undergrads, but onlookers as well (including, it should be noted, the author of this post, who just happens to be a Barnard grad). The rule states no student may have a guest stay over in the dorms for more than three consecutive nights or for more than six nights in any 30-day period.
What does this mean? For many, it's a rigid, Victorian policy that prevents women from maturing — especially sexually — at their own pace during their time in college. Senior Emilie Segura told, "It's just very invasive," while sophomore Tamsin Pargiter expressed further frustration: “I think what it comes down to is inadvertent slut shaming because it creates a system that implies there is an acceptable amount of time for someone to visit." Regardless of the type of visitor a student has (platonic or romantic), the right to unlimited overnight visitors is one that should be granted to young women mature enough to, say, study political policy and work off student loans. (And, shouldn't a $34k tuition buy you the right to occupy your room the way you wish?)
What do you think? Whether or not you are having frequent sex with multiple partners, are in a steady relationship with one, or just have a friend that needs to crash on your futon for a while — should your college have a say in your slumber parties? Sound off in the comments below. (Youngist)
x-bway-eveningPhoto: Via Barnard.