Michael Kors Just Revealed The First-Ever Instagram Ad — Double Tap?

michael-korsPhoto: Courtesy of Michael Kors.
Up until now, most of the flooding of your Instagram feed has been with pictures of your friends' Halloween costumes, their cats, and what Sunday brunch looked like. But, on Friday, Michael Kors may have changed that when he revealed the social-media platform's very first ad. With the caption "5:15 PM: Pampered in Paris #MKTimeless," the photo featured a rectangular-faced, gold watch placed next to a plate of macarons.
As Fashion Telegragh reports, the introduction of Instagram advertising comes with much criticism, as users who do not follow a certain brand can still be subject to seeing its advertising in their feed — albeit, the post will be labeled with a "Sponsored" tag.
While the first Instagram ad is an attractive one — we would typically double tap a rainbow of cookies, right? — that's still not to say everyone is going to want their feeds interrupted with something they didn't sign up for. According to the report, Burberry will be up next as the label plans to release its first ad within the next couple of weeks. Keep your eyes peeled — there may be a sponsored trench coat in your feed's future. (Fashion Telegraph)

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