The Best Subway Experiment We’ve Ever Seen

Sometimes, we wait forever for a subway train. Underground, with no cell phone service, it's easy to let your mind wander. You can't help but notice strange things about your subway station. For example, why does the newsstand down here never carry Mango Madness Snapple?
When New Yorker Yosef Lerner noticed all the conductors pointing at a black-and-white sign after their trains pulled into the station, he took to the Internet to find out what was going on. Turns out, the signs are conductor indication boards, and the drivers must point at each to acknowledge that they are paying attention and the entire train is on the platform. Seeing an opportunity to make the conductors' — and our — days a little brighter, Lerner tried an experiment, swapping out the number-and-letter signs for something a little sillier, like "Point If You're Sexy." Obviously, the results were amazing. (BuzzFeed)