Peep Our Creative Director’s Over-The-Top Costume!

emPhotographed by Bailey R. Roberts, Courtesy of Sous Style.
Our company-wide meetings are themed. This month's theme was R29 Oktoberfest. There was beer and pretzels and a grunge polka band and schnitzel. (Boy, was there ever schnitzel!) And, behind all of the fun, you can usually find our fabulous creative director, Piera Gelardi. (If she's not planning then she's Instagramming.)
Not only does she know how to inject a little party into work, but she is a master of the Halloween costume. One year, she came to work dressed as Jambi from Pee Wee's Playhouse. This year was no different: Piera transformed from the creative director we know and love into the star of P&P's Polka Party Band (the second P, of course, stands for Philippe, who may or may not be one of R29's CEOs, and on this particular night a very tall Andy Warhol). Luckily, Sous Style was with her during her face-painting pregame to learn about her inspiration and her secrets for creating a cool (not cheesy) couples' costume. Spoiler alert: The pair once went as two nude men! Click through for an intimate interview and pics of Piera and her beautiful home! (Sous Style)

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