Liberty Ross Speaks Out About You Know What

embedPhotos: Norman Jean Roy/Courtesy of Vanity Fair.
Though thousands of articles have been written about it, Liberty Ross — former wife of Rupert Sanders and the woman unwillingly at the center of her husband's scandalous affair with Kristen Stewart last year — says she has “no words to describe what we went through.” But, now, Vanity Fair has an exclusive chat with her on the pain and gain of the whole harrowing situation.
Apparently, Ross only found out about the affair a mere 20 hours before those infamous photos were published in Us Weekly. After that, she immediately retreated from the public eye as much as possible. In keeping with her goal to remain as cool, calm, and collected as a "Masai warrior," the British model kept mum on the subject, save for a pointed Instagram and a few cryptic comments.
David Fisher_REX USAPhoto: David Fisher/Rex USA.
Rewind back a few years, and the story only gets more heartbreaking. Ross and Sanders started dating when she was only 18, and eventually, she moved to Los Angeles from London to support his career (though she had already built a solid reputation as a model in London). When he landed the job directing Snow White and the Huntsman, the film that started it all, the move finally felt validated: “It was all we’d come here for, and we’d done it. We were driving around town and seeing these billboards of his movie. We were so excited, like, ‘Wow, how did we do that?’ I was so proud of him, what he’d done — what we’d done. We were a team, and the movie was made out of love.” Obviously, things didn't quite stay as sunny, but it wasn't the affair alone that sullied their marriage. “I knew that I wasn’t feeling 100% right," Ross told Vanity Fair's Evgenia Peretz in retrospect.
Since then, though, she has come a long way. She comes off as serenely well-adjusted in the interview, and her photos from the December 2013 issue are just stunning. Here's to hoping everyone involved can get on with their lives as well as she seems to have done.
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