The NY Accent Is Sexy?

Forget oysters. Forget chocolate. Forget Matt Damon's Boston burr in Good Will Hunting. Apparently, the ultimate aphrodisiac is the New York accent. A survey conducted by the dating site revealed that the heavy New York inflection is the second sexiest in the country — trumped only by the Southern lilt, of course.
It isn't just any Brooklyn brogue that's alluring, though. The NY accent is at its sexy-time prime when it's spoken by a man. A 22-year-old female participant says, "I like the swagger in it. It tells me he's full of confidence, forceful but not rude, maybe a little arrogant." Another 33-year-old female participant said she gets a "hoot out of listening to the construction workers." Say what?
Though we're very fond of our neighbors, we're sorry to say that New Jersey was not included under the New York umbrella. Unfortunately, Jersey finished fifth — in a tie with Canada. Is this one of the most random surveys of all time? Yes. But, we're gonna brag about this small victory anyway. (NY Post)
2Photo: Via New York Post.