R29 Shopping Got A Makeover! Don’t We Look Pretty?

Okay, so, it's not our hair or our eyebrows that are looking a little different these days — it's a brand-spankin'-new shopping channel we know you're going to love.
Welcome to a completely revamped Refinery29 Shopping. As the modern consumer experience continues to blur the lines between site, space, and checkout cart, our top-notch editors are handpicking and curating cool, unique, and playful shopping for a new generation. And, now, all of our featured retailers and brands can be found in one place. Pretty sweet, huh?
ShoppingGrid_1Illustrated by Ammiel Mendoza.
Our design and tech teams have been working 'round the clock to create a loop that connects our content to our products — to ensure that you have the best user experience possible. From beauty to fashion to home (and beyond), you can search and explore R29's shopping channel just like you would your favorite online retailer. Click from category to category, and filter your selections down to color, price, brand, and store to find items like sexy, date-night dresses, cozy apartment decor, and so much more.
Because, we believe in telling stories through style, exploring and discovering awesome labels, and finding, again and again, that ever-elusive — yet essential! — balance between high and low, work and weekend, cool kid and couture. And, now, it's just that much easier. What are you waiting for? Get lost in a world of Refinery29 Shopping — it all starts here!
ShoppingGrid_2Illustrated by Ammiel Mendoza